Pirates in Jungle Android Game


About the Game

This is an android mobile game, based on a pirate theme story. The game is still not available on the google play store. If you want to play this game you have to download this game from here. The game is still in the beta edition. That’s why some functions of this game may not work properly. Feel free to download and test the game before the final release. If you found any bugs while playing the game, please come back to this page and inform us about the bug you found. All of your feedbacks are greatly appreciated.

Story of the Game

There are some pirates, who went into a jungle for hunting. And now they have lost each other. The forest is very deep and there are lots of wild animals. The wild animals are very dangerous and can kill the pirates. Now the only way they can survive and can return home, is to find their ship. Each of them have to come back to their ship. In this prerelease you will be provided one of the pirate character and you have to guide him until he finds his ship. Now help the pirate to find ship while defeating the wild animals in the forest. Let’s go…

Download the latest version


Version : 1.0.2

Size : 62.1 MB

Operating System : Android

Download Link: Click Here

Report us about any bugs