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Founded on December 2017. Gadget guys is a team of young engineers, from Kolkata in WestBengal , whose main motto is to serve the technology in a enjoyable way across the world, so that no one get board. We are trying to spread the technology and latest technical news to everyone. We give tips & tricks to our visitors on different technical topics. Gadget Guys also help their fans to stay secured in modern digital world. . Technology should not be limited into a small group in the world , rather it should be spread through every single person in the world. We want to see everyone in our world properly knowledgeable about technology and its usage. So that everyone can implement technology in their daily life. That’s why we give technical tutorials and its implementation in a very simple way. We spread our technical thoughts via  YouTube , Facebook ,Twitter , Instagram & our website so that no one could miss any technical facts and updates. GadgetGuys provides Technical videos in Hindi language, so that every one can understand very easily. Its a fact that in current situation gadgets are becoming very much popular , so we are here for technical discussion & gossips with all the gadget lovers.


We are very much happy to introduce our entertainment partner Ragnar Conquest , Who recently promised to keep smile and give his contribution to Indian Gaming Community. As, currently most of the Indians are unaware about the Indian Gaming Community,which takes a vital part to represent India through the world by gaming . Indian Education system and parents don’t allow there students and their fellow to do something different or something creative. So they don’t believe that gaming can also be a good carrier for someone. Now a days number of Indians are helping Indian Gaming Community to be a gamer by profession . And it’s a pride for all Indians not only the boys but the girls also taking the lead to push India to the First position in every sector as well as Gaming too. So, that we are here to make a good bonding between all gamers and viewers . We will also encourage people about the gaming fields , as there are millions of opportunities in this field. Thats why we organize free tournaments on every Sunday where any one can take part. We are trying to give a tournament level experience with live streaming & commentary to the normal players who plays games for their own entertainment,in free of cost. We also gives tips & tricks on games. We believe to play games until the game is enjoyable , so there are  no old & new games for us. We don’t like to separate games by their age and platforms. At last we want to create a unity between all gamers & viewers & to create a good gaming community. 

LOVE you all Gamers