How to Fix MIUI Logo Bootloder Locked on Redmi 5A or Poco F1?

Step 1. After booting up, the device will be stuck in bootloader logo glitch and will not recognize the MIUI OTA update files. You need to check whether the firmware files are correct or...

How to Reset MIUI after Bootloop

Xiaomi smartphones are known for their unmatched performance and high quality but there are times when they encounter issues and cannot be supported due to software faults. The Xiaomi phones suffer from bootloops and...
Is Python slower than Java or C++

Is Python Really Slower than Java or C++

In world of Programming or development we usually come across this question regularly. And this question also comes in your mind if you prefer to code in Python. The short answer is yes, Python...

Why we cannot use alternating current in telecommunication systems

Why did the telephone come about as a semi-direct current system when one could have easily used the direct current that can be generated from a larger battery bank for the same distance? The...

Important Ipv6 in telecommunication switching systems

Ipv6 in telecommunication switching systems has a lot of implimentation effects in our real world. Stanley Goguen is the Founder of Ipv6Today, which helps ISPs transition to IPv6, and is a former cable modem...

Role of artificial intelligence in modern era

Artificial Intelligence is a newly evolving technology.This technology has the potential . Nature creates humans gives intelligence to them but that is a natural intelligence. But with the evolving technology, the human wants to...

Role of Telecommunication in Information Technology of Modern World

A telecommunication system is an integral part of our daily life. It actually able us to make long-distance communication. Now if we talk about long-distance communication there especially two kinds of communication analog and...
How to remove multiple gadgets from blogger layout

How to remove multiple gadgets from blogger layout

Through this complete tutorial, I am going to tell you how to remove multiple gadgets from blogger layout download the code below of the post Go to Theme Section in blogger dashboard open the Edit HTML section Select...

Can you edit YouTube videos on your phone?

Yes, technically you can edit YouTube videos on your mobile or on your Android or iPhone device.  but you will not get more flexibility or more control. as you will not get a wider...
Best 15 audio converter for android

Best Audio Converter for Android

Best Audio Converter for Android There are different software or applications available for android for the purpose of audio converting but when we are in hurry, we can not find the best option at first....