In world of Programming or development we usually come across this question regularly. And this question also comes in your mind if you prefer to code in Python. The short answer is yes, Python is slower than Java or C++. But now the question is how much slower it is? Now, If we do not look at the benchmark, and just see the online judges or online programming platforms like HackerRank or HackerEarth, we see that for a particular programming question, if the time provided for C or C++ is 1x then Java is having time 2x and Python is having time 5x. That indirectly means that if a program written C/C++ takes 1 Second to complete, then Python would take 5 Seconds to complete. Now the question is if Python is slower than both Java or C++, then why Python is so much Popular? The answer is very simple. Python is very Productive programming language. That means...

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