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PUBG Mobile tricks: Pro tips to master your game

PUBG Mobile is a global sensation in the battle-royale gaming genre and it has achieved immense success despite multiple games trying to win over mobile gamers. The popular title recently breached 400 million downloads and made profits worth $146 million in the month of May 2019 alone.

PUBG Mobile tricks

PUBG Mobile’s recent updates have introduced some interesting aspects to keep players hooked to the game. The 4×4 Deathmatch mode is entirely new and brings a new scope of gameplay within PUBG Mobile. But to master any mode, be it Arcade or Classic, a player must practice a few things to ace every game.

Being a pro-PUBG Mobile player has its own perks. The developer Tencent Games is known for hosting several eSports championships in India and abroad, which brings in fame as well as monetary rewards to winners and participants. PUBG Mobile might be a fun game to play, but it is also serving as a foundation for eSports arenas in India. This might be a good time to up your game with some simple tricks.

pubg mobile

Getting started

Having a good smart phone with the specs to handle PUBG Mobile goes a long way. It is not necessary that your smart phone supports high graphics, but it can automatically choose the best setting to give you seamless game play. It is important to understand your device and the way it can handle the GPU-heavy PUBG Mobile.

Go to the game settings and customize it according to your needs. Make sure the background apps are closed, you have a stable internet connection and choose your server to get the best gaming experience.

Practice will make you perfect

As you level up in the game, it gets harder to get that Chicken Dinner. But PUBG Mobile has Arcade mode, which offers various gaming matches besides the regular battle-royale classic match. Arcade mode in PUBG Mobile helps you improve your gaming skills, be it sniper or combat. Pro players recommend spending half of your gaming time on these modes as it can improve overall skills, much needed to get those Chicken Dinners you so badly crave.

Plan ahead and stick with your team

Planning your game and having a strategy in place is the thumb rule for any battle-royale game. In PUBG Mobile, there’s ample time for you to decide where you land and make the odds favor you. Think smart, keep survival in mind and of course go for the hot loot locations.

When you are a part of the squad, make sure you stick with the team. This is crucial as having your comrades by your side increases your chances of survival. Be your own player while solo, but think from a team’s perspective when you are in a squad. High kill rate won’t matter if you can’t survive till the end.

The secret weapon

The secret weapon is not really a weapon, it is more of a practice that you should be accustomed to. Keep moving, never stand still as that one moment standing without motion can land a mark on your head. Be it while picking loot from your enemy’s box or from an airdrop, or sniping out an opponent from a distance with your favorite sniper rifle, keep moving and don’t give away your position to anyone who might be watching you. Be aware of your six at all times.

It’s a game of patience

You might be a hot-headed player with the aim to take out anyone who comes your way. But there’s a risk in doing so. It is important to be patient and know when to back out when the game isn’t favoring you. Sometimes the enemy might pack better gears than you or worse you could be outnumbered.

Be watchful of your surroundings, don’t rush for that kill after knocking down a player as you might get a chance to take out his partner as well, and don’t head straight to the loot without surveying the area. These are the few times when patience can be virtuous.

Travel light

It is important to know how much ammo you’ll need for the game and what other equipments are required. It is pointless to carry in excess and keep your bag full at all times. This will make it difficult for you while looting airdrop or an opponents box. There’s a chance you’ll give a nice headshot to someone who might be watching you while you sort out your inventory. Keep one-fourth of your bag empty at all times.