Welcome to Arduino

Ever watched robotic remote control cars or drones and wondered about how this devices work?Well these all devices are having a very small controller or cpu (you may say) in common that allows them to work on your instructions and inputs from different sensors.


Well Arduino is one of them and it is one of the most used MicroControllers in the industry. Basically what these devices do is it takes different inputs from different sensors and from user and acts based on the inputs and program that you programmed on the Arduino board.The interesting thing is that the programming language is kind of C/C++ programming language with some pre-defined functions which helps us understand and program very easily.

Arduino uno

There are also different types of Micro Controllers as well as Arduinos available in the Market.But we are here to talk and learn about Arduino more specifically Arduino UNO.We will tell you which things and from where to buy and install the IDE and modules in the upcoming posts.

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