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Can you edit YouTube videos on your phone?


Yes, technically you can edit YouTube videos on your mobile or on your Android or iPhone device.  but you will not get more flexibility or more control. as you will not get a wider screen on your mobile that’s why you have to Practical note to get good quality output from mobile.

Can you edit YouTube videos on your phone?

But I should also say that the Android video editor is very powerful and you can edit a wonderful video from this type of software.  I have personally used the kinemaster and the PowerDirector on my Android mobile and it works very fine.  And in this both software has many options so that you can also create a video like ok you are creating this video on your laptop. both of these software offer green screen removal transitions between two scenes audio and video effects and a lot more. 

Kinemaster Android Video Editor 

Kinemaster is a very popular and old video editor for Android I am personally using kinemaster for 3 years From the time of the lollipop Android version. at that time it was the only one software upon which I can rely completely. you can download this software free from Play Store. Though there is a paid version available for kinemaster which provides some more features and some more effects which you can apply to your video.

coming to the point of effects in the kinemaster store you can download hundreds of translations typography lower thirds intros outros and lots of things for your videos. the circular control available in kinemaster is very unique and I also love this type of control and it makes video editing much simpler. in my personal experience, I can say that you can edit videos like your computer by using only this software in your mobile phone. it supports ful HD video rendering. and I think that is the most vital part of using this video editor in your mobile phone.

And a lot of YouTubers also prefer kinemaster for their video editing purposes. you can get a lot of tutorials of kinemaster on YouTube. the popular effect green screen removal, neon effect, and much more if it is available in kinemaster. and when I was a beginner in mobile photo editing kinemaster was the first software by which i have started my journey in mobile video editing.

Can you edit YouTube videos on your phone
Kinemaster Android Video Editor

Powerdirector Android Video Editor

For the past two months, I am using CyberLink powerdirector in my Android mobile for treating purposes. and the more I am using this software I am falling in love with this software. CyberLink powerdirector provides a very similar is user interface to the PC version. that’s why it was very easy to adapt the user interface and to use it on mobile.

In the powerdirector mobile version, there is also a lot of effects packages that you can use while editing your videos. this powerdirector also provides ful HD video rendering features and that is very much useful to create videos for YouTube. the free version of powerdirector is available in Play Store and you can download it for completely free. but it has a premium version that allows more control and more features and effects to use in your videos.

According to my experience director’s mobile application is more mature than kinemaster and the timeline of PowerDirector is more flexible and easy to use than the kinemaster. that’s why I am also using the CyberLink PowerDirector on my mobile.

In conclusion, I must say that there are some features that are available only in powerdirector but as I am most used to edit videos in kinemaster, that’s why editing videos become faster for me in kinemaster. That’s why I keep both of the software installed on my mobile. can I use both of these software whenever I have to edit videos from my mobile phone.

Powerdirector Android Video Editor

Using Desktop Mode in Your Mobile Browser

But as I have edited video as well as mobile and in my laptop so that I can say that if you add two videos in the laptop, it will be more effective and you will get a lot of controls there as the editors available for mobile doesn’t keep all of that controls that is available on your PC version software.

But in the starting stage, you can definitely edit youtube videos from your mobile phone.  if you do not have a  computer you can turn on the desktop mode from your browser and can access YouTube Studio from your mobile.  from that you can also edit your uploaded YouTube videos but in that case, you have to zoom in and zoom out again and again to get the control over your video timeline.

so, the conclusion is that yes you can edit your YouTube videos on your mobile phone,  but if you have your laptop or your computer with you should definitely go for that. As that will give you a better result as well as better control.

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