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Easily Add Automatic Table of Contents in blogger post

How To Add Automatic Table Of Contents In Blogger Post Easiest way

  • Search for
  • Press enter and make a horizontal blank row before
  • Paste the code
<link href='' rel='stylesheet'/>           
<link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'/>
<script type='text/javascript'>              
function mbtTOC() {var mbtTOC=i=headlength=gethead=0;           
headlength = document.getElementById("post-toc").getElementsByTagName("h2").length;for (i = 0; i < headlength; i++)           
{gethead = document.getElementById("post-toc").getElementsByTagName("h2")[i].textContent;document.getElementById("post-toc").getElementsByTagName("h2")[i].setAttribute("id", "point"+i);mbtTOC = "<li><a href='#point"+i+"'>"+gethead+"</a></li>";document.getElementById("mbtTOC").innerHTML += mbtTOC;}}function mbtToggle() {var mbt = document.getElementById('mbtTOC');if (mbt .style.display === 'none') {mbt .style.display = 'block';} else {mbt .style.display = 'none';}}           
  • Search the code below using ctrl+F
  • Press enter and make a horizontal blank row before

Now Paste the code below

.mbtTOC{border:5px solid #f7f0b8;box-shadow:1px 1px 0 #EDE396;background-color:#FFFFE0;color:#707037;line-height:1.4em;margin:30px auto;padding:20px 30px 20px 10px; font-family:oswald, arial;display: block;width: 70%;}           
.mbtTOC ol,.mbtTOC ul {margin:0;padding:0;}           
.mbtTOC ul {list-style:none;}           
.mbtTOC ol li,.mbtTOC ul li {padding:15px 0 0; margin:0 0 0 30px;font-size:15px;}           
.mbtTOC a{color:#0080ff;text-decoration:none;}           
.mbtTOC a:hover{text-decoration:underline; }
.mbtTOC button{background:#FFFFE0; font-family:oswald, arial; font-size:20px;position:relative; outline:none;cursor:pointer; border:none; color:#707037;padding:0 0 0 15px;}           
.mbtTOC button:after{content: "\f0dc"; font-family:FontAwesome; position:relative; left:10px; font-size:20px;}

Now again find the code below


Note: If you will find more than one so replace all by this code below.
Or replace with the code below

<div id="post-toc"><data:post.body/></div>

Paste the code in every post at the position where you want to show the table of contents
Now open the HTML view of the post

<div class="mbtTOC"> 
    <button onclick="mbtToggle()">Topics covered in the Post</button> 
    <ul id="mbtTOC"></ul> 

Add this code at the end of your post


The default color codes in table of contents:

  • Change background color #FFFFEO
  • Change border color #f7f0b8
  • Change font color #707037
  • Change Anchor link color #0080FF
  • Change the font size of anchor Links 15px
  • Change the font size of TOC heading text 20px

How to install grammerly for opera

Hey guys, we all know that Grammarly is a very famous software for checking grammar and the writing which takes in our content. But the problem is the Grammarly software is only available for some limited browser like Chrome Firefox age and Safari, but nowadays Opera browser is being famous.Here you ge know How to install grammerly for opera.

And I like the Opera browser very much as it offers many extra facilities than any normal browser doesn’t give us. So for more than 90% of my online activities and content writing stuff, I use the Opera browser.

But the problem is Grammarly doesn’t support Opera browsers directly. If you check in the opera extension market, you will never find the Grammarly extension or you may say it’s a doll in the opera addon Market. That’s why installing Grammarly in the Opera browser is quite tricky. But why fear when Gadget guys are here? We know how to do this. And yes after reading this post or You will know how to install Grammarly extension in your Opera browser.


Though we have made a dedicated video on our YouTube channel if you want you can check that. The link of the video is below but if you want to stay on our blog post, you can follow the following steps.

Step 1:

  • Click on the Opera icon at the top left corner of your Opera browser and next click on the extension. And get the extension button. Now you have opened the Opera add-ons Market where you will see an add-on named install the Chrome extension.
  • Install the add-on in your Opera browser which supports all the assistants and from the chrome web store in your Opera browser as I told you that the opera browser is legendary.

Step 2:

  • After you install the Chrome extension in your Opera browser, just check once in your extension tab if the extension Is properly installed or not?
  • Screenshot 52

Step 3:

  • After that go to the Chrome web store. Where you will find the extension name Grammarly for Chrome.
  • Click on the extension banner and you will find an option named add to Opera.
  • Now click on the add to the Opera button and wait.
  • For installing this plug-in Extension It will cost around 40 MB of your data package and the extension will be installed.
  • After installing you have to open again the extension tab of your Opera browser here. Here you will find a new extension called Grammarly for chrome but here you will found another option like install click on the install button and install the Grammarly extension in your Opera browser.
  • How to install grammerly for opera
  • That’s all now you are okay to use your new extension the Grammarly which is the grammar checker software in your Opera browser. You can check out how this is functioning in your blog post back by editing this it is just working fine for me.

I hope this blog post has helped you. You can share with your friends whom you think is need this post. If you have any problem, you can check out our YouTube video where we have explained step by step of the whole process.

Youtube video downloader for pc

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Youtube video downloader #youtubevideodownloder

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It is easy to download YouTube videos on Mobile phones as we have snaptube, TubeMate and any other applications which help us to download YouTube and other videos on our mobile phone. But in the case of PC, we don’t have such type of useful software. I know there are internet download manager and part. It is very tricky to use this IDM in case of downloading videos from YouTube and YouTube doesn’t allow this type of embedded download option.

But don’t worry guys. We have a Perfect YouTube downloader for you guys. We have provided the download link for YouTube video downloader for pc in the description of our YouTube video. Just click the download now button and you will find the Google Drive Link where you can download the YouTube video downloader.

We have provided a step-by-step tutorial in our YouTube video on how to use youtube video downloader, but in case you have a lack of data, you can follow our blog.

  1. Step 1 Open a YouTube video from YouTube and copy the URL from the URL tab.
  2. Step 2 Paste the copied URL in the YouTube down video downloader that you have downloaded from our site. It will show you the thumbnail of the YouTube video and it is available. And one of them will be available to download the video. Just click on the download button and your video will be downloaded. No Angel now, enjoy

I hope you have loved this blog post and our YouTube video. Don’t forget to like and share our YouTube video and share this post with your friends as they might have a problem with downloading YouTube videos.

download from gadgetguys server
download from gadgetguys server

NAD Registration Process for MAKAUT Students

National Academic Depository (NAD)’s dream is born from an effort to provide all academic awards to an online store room.National Academic Depositary (NAD) is a 24X7 online store of all academic awards for qualifications, diplomas, degrees, points, etc. properly digitized and uploaded by qualified institutions / boards / eligible evaluation bodies. NAD not only provides easy access to and recovery of academic honors, but also validates and assures their validity and safe storage.

Step by Step guide of NAD registration for MAKAUT students

1-> Visit the link and click on register

2-> There will be two options one for Aadhaar based and one for Without Aadhar based.Now if you have aadhaar and have your mobile number linked to it then click on With Aadhar otherwise if you don’t have aadhaar or your mobile number is not linked to it,then click on Without Aadhaar.

3->Now if You clicked on Without Aadhaar,then fill up all the information and then click on proceed.After that you will get your NAD ID along with a document.Now go to Step 8.

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NAD Registration #nad

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4-> If you clicked on With Aadhaar,then first go to this link and generate your offline e-kyc paper by verifying your Aadhaar with OTP and providing a 4 character pin for the document and download the document.

5-> Now upload the document and input the 4 character pin you had chosen and click on proceed.

6-> After that fill up the remaining details including your college name,college roll no. provide a user id and login password for login in the NAD portal etc. and click on submit.

7-> Now download the document and go to the next step.

8-> After that go to the website ,click on student and login with your university roll and password.

9-> After login go to the option named Student NAD Details and enter the NAD registration ID which is in that pdf document and upload the pdf document.

10-> You are done…Cheers!!!

We have our own step by step tutorial for the registration.

What are quantum computer

Quantum physics one of the most successful series of modern science, describes the way our world works. At the most fundamental level, quantum computing has become one of the leading applications of quantum physics. Quantum computers have the potential to solve some of the world’s most complex problems, that are beyond the reach of even today’s most powerful supercomputers. Quantum computers are not going to replace classical computers but their radically different way of operating enables them to perform calculations that classical computing cannot let’s see. How they differ classical computers encode information in bits and each bit can represent a 0 or 1. These zeros and ones act as on-off switches that ultimately translate into computing functions to perform a simple calculation like solving a maze.

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Quantum computer #quantumcomputing

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A classical computer would test each possible route one at a time to find the correct one, just as classical computers have bits quantum computers have cubits however make use of two key principles of quantum physics superposition and entanglement. superposition means that each qubit can represent a zero a one or both at the same time and entanglement happens when two qubits in a superposition are correlated with one another meaning the state of one whether it’s a 0 a 1 or both depends on the state of another using these two principles qubits can act as a much more sophisticated version of switches helping quantum computers solve difficult problems that are virtually impossible using classical computers to illustrate how this makes quantum computers more powerful.

Let’s look at some numbers take a classical n bit computer with n representing the number of bits, it can represent and examine only one system state at a time an N cubed computer, however, would have the power to represent 2 to the power of n system states and perform parallel operations on all those states at once this means that every time you add just one more qubit to a quantum computer the number of states that can represent and examine the so a 50 cubit quantum machine could examine two to the power of 50 states at once this exponential increase in power together with the entanglement of qubits is what allows quantum computers to solve certain problems so much more efficiently while a classical computer solves a problem like the maze by
testing each possible route one at a time a quantum computer uses its entangled quantum state to find the correct route quicker with far fewer calculations think of it this way technologies that currently run on classical computers can expertly find patterns and insights buried in vast amounts of existing data.

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Quantum computer First quantum computer

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Quantum computers will deliver solutions where patterns cannot be seen because
sufficient data does not exist or the possibilities for discovering an optimal answer is too enormous to ever be processed by a classical computer quantum computers could lead to the discovery of new medicines and materials by helping us untangle the complexities of molecular and chemical interactions they could help the financial services industry make better investments by finding new ways to model financial data and isolate key global risk factors they could even transform the supply chain and logistics by finding the optimal routes across global systems like optimizing fleet operations for deliveries during the holiday season quantum computing won’t replace our everyday computers and smartphones but its ability to solve complex problems will open up a new universe of information transforming our view of the world and the way we navigate.

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GBWhatsApp Latest APK Download

GBWhatsApp APK Download

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GB whatsapp #gbwhatsapp

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GBWhatsapp is a messenger mod from WhatsApp. It is the most common mod in the world with more than 1 million users.This software is popular because it offers Internet video / audio calling, free instant messaging, and connects a billion people around the world. This mod has made such simple and fascinating interaction. There are so many mods available on the internet, such as FM Whatsapp etc.It offers different features that are not present in WhatsApp. The software runs on both rooted and non-rooted phones. Often known as GBWhatsapp+, the software has all the functionality of Plus.. You have to try this mod if you get bored with your old messing program.If you want to download the latest official and Ant-Banned edition of GB WhatsApp, you can click the link below.

If you have already downloaded GBWhatsapp’s older version then there is no need to uninstall that version, the newer version will update the previous one automatically. Now let’s think about this app’s basic features.

GBWhatsapp 8.05 Download

download 2062197 960 720
GBWhatsapp 8.05 Download

GB WhatsApp 8.00 | October Update

download 2062197 960 720
GB WhatsApp 8.00 October Update

GB Whatsapp Main Features

It offers the last-view hiding function for common contacts. This feature will help users share their last view with their choice of contacts.

It also helps users to send files from APK. WhatsApp also makes this additional feature of sending APK very convenient for users to share audio, video and other files.

It enables users to send 50Mb video, while WhatsApp allows just 16 Mb. By submitting it in bits, users can now send full video up to 50 Mb.
GBWhatsApallows users to send 90 images in one go while WhatsApp allows just 10 images in one go.

Instead of 16 Mb, users could submit 100 Mb of audio clips. This allows more and more information to be sent to clients.

For security purposes, users can now lock their WhatsApp. Locks are available for WhatsApp and also for chats individually.

The status can be picked and copied easily by users.
The blue tick can be concealed from clients. May alter the settings system icon and notification object.

Videos from WhatsApp can now be played using the favorite music player of the user.

Payment option added is available. Using a bank account, payment can be made to anyone.

Adding new emojis and gif and supporting about 100 + languages.

Download Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop free Download

Hey guys , now a days photography and photo editing is a trend . That’s why photo editing softwares are becoming popular.There are lots of software available in the market , but GadgetGuys recommends you to use the Adobe Photoshop.There are many famous photo editors like photoscape , picasa and much more but Adobe Photoshop is the most used editor ever.It allows you to apply lots of effects , filters and and to use the pro tools for editing. You have to do some practice to be the master of this software.Adobe Creative Cloud allows you to buy the product as per your need, if you are a professional you must buy the product for your better quality editing. Well if you are worried if you can make it or not there is a sample version of this product . Use this product for your practice if you think that you are feeling comfortable with this software and its tools , then go for the genuine one .

Well , now you understand something about this giant editor . It’s better to have an in hand experience with this product we have provided two download links for this program . First one is for your practice purpose and when you will become a master go for the official one from the link below.

It is a testing version but not the official version , you can download it for testing & practice this software . And make yourself confident for this editing tool.
It is a testing version but not the official version , you can download it for
testing & practice this software . And make yourself confident for this editing tool.

Download Now
Download Now

It is the official site of adobe . You can download the official products from this site. But remember official products will charge you.

Download the Official Version
It is the official site of adobe . You can download the official products from this site. But remember official products will charge you.

Click Here

NetSpeedMonitor:Network Monitor for Windows

How to add Network Monitor in PC/Windows 10/8/7/XP?

Netspeedmonitor software for windows gives the ability to see live updates of network speed on the taskbar.
Download Netspeed monitor network monitor for pc.

In any case, now and then your association can be exposed to different undesirable occasions, for example, spikes, irregular separates or lulls brought about by over the top transmission capacity utilization by it is possible that you or another client associated with your system. That is the reason you need a checking instrument, for example, NetSpeedMonitor.

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Network speed monitor #networkspeedmeter

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Watch out for your association

Try not to feel that this device is that sort of observation screen that empowers you to pry into other clients’ exercises. Or maybe consider it a visual “equalizer” for your Internet association that presentations just essential data that can enable you to pinpoint issues, should they happen.

All the more along these lines, you needn’t considerably waste time with its primary screen since it can run quietly in your framework plate until you choose to call it for different propelled activities. Be that as it may, the toolbar is constantly obvious with the goal that you can at any rate monitor your download and transfer speed esteems replica watches.

A couple of similarity issues

Given that its discharge date was not actually yesterday, you may anticipate that it should be somewhat surrey to a great extent and you wouldn’t be totally off-base. Similarity insightful, this application shows some inconvenience at whatever point you give introducing it a shot Windows 8.0 and higher.

Nonetheless, in the event that you are the patient, tinkering type, you can run the installer in Compatibility Mode, which should make the arrangement procedure keep running as proposed and the application carry on as it should.

Oversimplified interface

Outwardly savvy, NetSpeedMonitor doesn’t actually strike us as shocking, however given its profile and how it quit accepting update for quite a while, this shouldn’t be an issue, with the exception of the more self-absorbed clients who may expect gaudy livelinesss or other beautiful sight components.

All the more along these lines, its interface packs a lot of controls that can be effectively grasped and worked even by the most unpracticed of us, paying little heed to PC aptitudes or past involvement with comparable programming as long as we remember that nearly everything this current application must give can be gotten to from the plate symbol.

Convenient system movement screen

To whole it up, NetSpeedMonitor can be of genuine assistance on the off chance that you need to watch out for your Internet association and see what the current download and transfer speed esteems are or see a rundown of associations that are inbound or outbound to and from your machine.


Download here

Chrome Offline Installer

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Google Chrome installer #google #googlechrome #chrome

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We as a whole think about Google’s legitimate internet browser Google Chrome which has turned out to be prominent among all Internet clients. It’s quick and gives a few valuable highlights. Here You can download the Chrome offline installer.When you begin downloading Google Chrome on your PC, it downloads an extremely little 1 MB online installer (otherwise called stub installer or net installer). When you run the downloaded installer, it again begins downloading the required arrangement records of Chrome from Google servers as the online installer doesn’t contain all required program documents. There is an issue in utilizing on the web installer! It requires a working Internet association at the establishment time to download the real program records, so you can’t introduce Google Chrome in a machine without Internet association. Envision a circumstance when you have to introduce Google Chrome in more than one PC. You’ll require Internet association in all machines to introduce Google Chrome which will squander your time and heaps of Internet association transfer speed. Did you realize Google enables clients to download the full independent disconnected installer of Chrome from its official site? Indeed, you read it right.

The official Google Chrome disconnected installer contains the full arrangement documents and needn’t bother with any Internet association at the establishment time, so you can utilize it to introduce Google Chrome in various PCs. These disconnected installers can be utilized to introduce Google Chrome in Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 working frameworks. Both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) Windows releases are upheld.

Download Below

download from external sources
download from external sources

Send Your Name to Mars through NASA

Do you want to visit Mars?? Well that seemed to be fantasy in front of an individual like you.

But don’t be upset because NASA is here to send your name to the Mars instead.

NASA proclaimed on its official journal that it’s giving individuals a chance to send their names, on chips, which is able to be sent aboard the Mars 2020 rover that’s regular to launch as early as July 2020 with a touchdown expected in February 2021.

An beam are wont to stencil the submitted names onto a microchip with lines of text smaller than thousands the dimension of somebody’s hair, which implies over a million names may be written on one dime-size chip.

P.S.->A person will add his or her name to the list till Sep 30 and acquire the memento pass to Mars.

This is the Link to submit your name

Here is the boarding pass that you will receive.