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How Technology merges with Medical to Stand against COVID-19

Let’s Know about How Technology merges with Medical to Stand against COVID-19 and overcome the pandemic situation

From the start of 2020, We heard more or less about new corona virus COVID-19. And from that situation, this virus took attention of people all around the world. After that WHO also declared this virus as pandemic. Things getting worse every day as we saw the deadly face of this virus. Although there is no absolute cure till now, we are trying to prevent this virus from spreading as much as possible. Now let’s talk about how technology may come and take over the pandemic situation.

               Now we know the symptoms of the virus like having fever. So in this reference we may develop a wrist band which will check the body temperature and current location regularly after some interval and if the body temperature is more than normal then the wrist band should send data about the location immediately to local police station so that they can come and make the person go for the plasma test. Here some additional features may be added such as each person has to provide his name and identity while installing the wrist band and this will be one time installation so that the person cannot take his device off and if a person does, then an immediate information should be sent to local police.

               Again if we talk about the Lockdown then it is very hard to monitor situation and condition in every place effectively. So in this case we may use drone for monitoring purpose. Again drone may be used to broadcast a emergency message immediately. By using drone, it will be very easy and effective to monitor crowded place and police can take action accordingly.

How Technology merges with Medical to Stand against COVID-19
We Shall Over Come Against COVID-19

               Preventing and monitoring crowds will be easy if it is possible to attach digital cameras with thermal sensors in street light posts. This may help to test the body temperature of individual people by using the thermal sensor like IR sensor and if someone to be found exceeding that temperature or not using mask, then a photograph of the person’s face is to be taken and send to police. It is heard that some Tech Industries of China is already implementing this method such that it can identify a person’s face if that is covered with mask also.

               Now if we focus on the medical research, Artificial Intelligence plays a vital role here. With the help of Big Data Analysis and simulations now Medical Professionals can understand more about the virus with ease. It will also help them to find out proper medicines using simulations.

               Now there is some risks for those medical workers who has to work and help the active COVID-19 patient. To mitigate this problem we may think about some bots (Robots) which may be helpful for the Medical Workers to send medicines, foods and monitor the active COVID-19 patients in Hospitals. This will surely decrease the risk of getting effected with COVID-19 to Medical Workers.

               In the pandemic situation we may also think about automated or remote control cars for delivery of essential Commodities between inter cities.

               Again people are very cautious now a days. Everybody is trying to have a test for covid 19 and this increases load on the hospitals. So to mitigate this issue, we may think about making a Virtual Risk Analyzer through which people have to answer some basic questions and gets the chances or risk of getting effected by COVID-19. And if he gets a higher risk value, then he may go for the actual test in Hospital. This will be surely helpful to decrease the load in hospitals.

The COVID-19 has been a threatening global health emergency relative to the previous big outbreak of SARS epidemics. Researchers, scientists and medical specialists concentrate on using emergent digital technology to break the virus. With the migration of technologies into medical services we may fight and win the battle against COVID-19.