Quick Heal Total Security For Lifetime

Hello folks!!! You all know that nowadays it becomes very dangerous for any kind of online activity you do from your computer like banking and transactions etc. As there are millions of malicious websites out there. So to protect our computer from these malicious websites or software we must have a strong antivirus. But here comes the confusion. Which antivirus shall you use as there are thousands of antivirus available in the market including free and paid versions?

In our opinion, QuickHeal is one of the most popular antivirus available in the market, and QuickHeal is available in paid version only and a trial version that can be used only for 1 month.
So here comes the trick, We are going to use the trial version for a month, uninstall it, reinstall it and repeat for a lifetime. Again QuickHeal doesn’t allow you to reinstall the trial version in the same computer so we came up with this file which allows us to reinstall the trial version repeatedly.

Actually, This file just deletes each and every trace of Quick Heal from your computer so that you can again install the quick heal antivirus and use the free trial for one month. Use it again after one month. The video guide is available below for the procedure.
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So here we bring you the tutorial to use Quick Heal Total Security For Lifetime.

Now what we have to do:
1) if you have to install quick heal total security in your PC just uninstall that.
2) then only install the software provided by us, which name is quickheal resetter
3) then restart your PC it will clean all the remaining file and cache from your system
4) try to install the trial version of quick heal, you will found no issues during the installation.
5) now enjoy the quick heal total security for another month
6) repeat this process after the next month and enjoy it for your whole lifetime.

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download from external sources
download from external sources

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