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Role of artificial intelligence in modern era


Artificial Intelligence is a newly evolving technology.This technology has the potential . Nature creates humans gives intelligence to them but that is a natural intelligence. But with the evolving technology, the human wants to mimic the nature. So, humans have also tried to mimic human intelligence in this artificial intelligence comes in to picture. Like to mimic our memory neural networks come in to picture, to mimic the functionality of human eye computer vision comes into the picture, to mimic human learning machine learning comes into the picture and to mimic human speaking and understanding capability natural language processing comes into come. In this modern world, robots are developed to mimic human functionality.

Types of artificial Intelligence

We can divide the artificial intelligence in basically three stage of development. Firstly, talking about weak artificial intelligence in which the ability of that system to do a particular work is limited. Here the system can not think of its own. It is basically developed for doing a particular work. Depending upon the intelligence it can do that particular work for that it is meant for. Next comes, general artificial intelligence in which it can actually think like human and can take decisions as its own. Next comes artificial superintelligence in which the system is more intelligent than the human beings and can think more cognitively than the humans and can take decisions according to that. but we are in the weak artificial intelligence stage as of now.

Application in modern world

Artificial intelligence makes changes to the medical equipment and makes them more accurate. Live previously XRAY, CT Scan reports can be only diagnosed by using an artificially intelligent system where several computer vision techniques are used. The artificial intelligence makes medical imaging more perfect and easy to diagnose.In industry to understand and evaluate business reports artificial intelligent systems can be used. Like from the chunk of information that system is able to find the useful information and after processing that data that system is able to take business decisions and able to make the profit and loss report. In other heavy automobile industry to transport chunk of material from one point to another point in the factory artificially intelligent robots are used. the previous man used to drive cars but now a days self driving cars are invented that is capable of avoiding obstacles.

Brief on other artificial intelligent technologies

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a technology that is actually related to human learning mimicry.It will do the things learn from mistakes and take it accordingly.This can be divided four categories like supervised learning ,unsupervised learning ,reinforcement learning and semi supervised learning and its process can be divided into classification where we actually classify the datasets , regression like polynomial regression ,logistic regression and clustering like K-means clustering.Machine learning is a developing technology and it will grow more in the future.

Computer Vision

Here actually the system mimic the human ability to see.In this we can use use several technology like
Open-CV .Here we can process huge amount of image data set and recognize them and with the help of that several objects a machine can identify . it actually occurs by detecting ,recognizing and segmenting the image data.It has huge impact in medical imaging,character recognition, analysis of damage in a particular object and severity of that .With using computer vision applications we can more effectively analyze the medical images like CT Scan, X-Ray scan etc.This technology also helps in face recognition ,scanning QR code,bar code and extracting data from that.This technology is also responsible to analyse fracture in any object

Data Analytic

In industry several kinds of huge amount of data .Manual processing of that data is not possible.So here big-data and data analytic Several technologies like hive ,pig ,yarn we can analyze that data.Analyzing that data we can take business decisions according to that so this can increase the profit in business

Some other technologies like natural language processing what is very much responsible for speech to text conversion process and deep learning and robotics are also there .In deep learning it is almost same as machine learning but here the amount of data set is more and robotics is very much useful in medical and industrial instrumentation.