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Secret locations of Companion in 0.12.5 update PUBG-MOBILE

Secret locations of Companion in 0.12.5 update pubg mobile


Hello my gamer friends…The time is now over as pubg mobile has added its new features in game called companion.

You can get the companion and play pubg mobile with your companion after the recent update.As the companion is still in beta mode so you cant take your companion in your lobby/Inventory.

This falcon will remain only for that match.There are some secret locations in pubg mobile from where you can take the falcon as your companion.
You can enjoy the game play with your companion..Here we presents the secret locations where you can get your companion-

 Erangle Map->
1>Up on the tower near Georgepol backwards container side.
2>In the temple near pochinki.
3>In the green house in the mylta power area.
4>Under the tower between Novo and Military base.

Sanhok Map->
1>On the stairs in the cave.

In the given places you will find the nests of Falcon filled with eggs.
Every player can hatch only one egg of the falcon in each match.