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Technology against COVID19

Technology against COVID19

Technology can be used in against of COVID19. There are a lot of ways where technology can be helpful to prevent or stop spreading coronavirus. More than 200 countries and 27 lakhs of confirmed cases have been reported for the coronavirus disease from 2019 (COVID19), still now. WHO recognizes this situation as a pandemic on 11th March of 2020, as the virus from Wuhan of China has caused the death of more or less 2 lakhs people, by a severe acute respiratory syndrome of Coronavirus 2, all over the world. Getting affected by coronavirus has become a nightmare for every human.

This is a zoonotic type of virus that means animals are the career of coronavirus from there it travels to the human body. This virus spreads through the discharge from the nose while an infected person cups or sneezes, so it is very much important that we should not inhale those things, and cover over mouth and nose tightly. In this current situation, there are no vaccines or treatments for COVID-19. so at the current time, the best way to prevent this virus is to stop spreading it. We can take the proper protection of ourselves and others from any infections and by rapidly washing your hands and face.

To fight against this dangerous situation, the government of several countries has declared lockdown for a few months. I personally think that lockdown or home quarantine is a good solution to stop spreading this virus if the people don’t die of hunger. Discovery of the vaccine for COVID-19 is the responsibility of medical science, but I think in this case engineering knowledge can also be helpful to support our doctors.

It is the responsibility of every citizen to obey the government orders, as many people are disobeying the lockdown and roaming outside without any cause. Every citizen should keep in mind that he may not be affected by coronavirus for his immunity but he may be the medium for spreading the virus to others.

In this type of situation modern technology comes in handy. Being a student of BPPIMT, and spending my 3 years in the field of engineering, I have four solutions by which the government can take action against the people who are violating the lockdown.

1) Implementation of patrolling bots :

It is not possible for police to check whether the people are obeying the lockdown or self Quarantine. The bots will travel through the city and will find the mass gathering of people. After that, the boat will inform the nearest police officer or police van. The bot will also have the ability to remind the citizen to return to their home and to follow the lockdown otherwise police have to take action against them.

The bot may be controlled remotely or may be autonomous. It must have a camera and to process the visualization from it for detecting the gathering of people. The bot also has the ability to understand the maps and his path, as well as it must have the specialty to avoid obstacles. So an implementation of image or video processing and machine learning will be necessary to build this type of bots.

2) Implementation of thermal sensors:

It is possible to determine the body temperature of a human by a thermal sensor. Most of the time people affected by coronavirus get a fever, for this reason, body temperature rises. Using this type of thermal sensor we can easily detect if any person has a fever or not. It will be decided later that the person is having only a fever or is affected by coronavirus. We can implement this type of sensor in two ways.

·        Stand-alone thermal sensor:

We can implement one stand-alone thermal sensor in the front of every building, shops, or any one-way pedestrian footpath. The sensor will detect the body temperature of every passing person.

Technology against COVID19

·        Smart Police Cap:

We can also implement this type of thermal sensor in the police cap so that it will be easier to suspect any person having a fever or not. While patrolling they can easily detect people’s body temperature within a range of approximately 5 to 10 meters.

Technology against COVID19

3) Implementation of drones :

In some cases, if the patrolling bots fail to reach in some areas, the flying drones can handle after that. For a drone, it is faster to travel to check people’s awareness in some critical areas. The drone will also have the same ability as the patrolling boats.

4) Implementation of tracker or wristbands :

It will be a wristband type product having a GPS module in it, which will be definitely waterproof, have a good battery backup, and must be one time lockable. The government can track the people wearing this type of wristband by analyzing big data and can monitor if any people are roaming around any hotspot caused by coronavirus, or any place from where confirmed cases have been found. It will be very easy for the government to track the spread of novel coronavirus. After being affected by which people the confirmed person was in close contact can also be detected by monitoring the previous records of the person’s GPS location, after implementation of this type of band.

Last but not least, in this current situation, it is also very dangerous to have a test for COVID-19, as the hospitals are also infected. People may be infected from the hospital, though he was not previously infected by coronavirus. So we should not visit the hospital if it is not an emergency or very necessary. Still, it’s a doubt should we have a test for coronavirus or not.

For a solution of this doubt, I and my friend have created one virtual risk analyzer for COVID-19, which can predict the chances of being affected by the coronavirus. It will ask you some questions, after that the software will analyze your answers, then it will show you the percentage of being affected by coronavirus depending upon your answers.

If you honestly answer all the questions correctly and the software shows high chances of getting affected by the coronavirus, then if possible you should definitely medically test yourself.

Try the virtual risks analyzer from the link below.

Our health care soldiers & security department are trying to save us from COVID19 for 24×7, support, and encourage them just by staying at home & obeying lockdown.