Fix breadcrumbs option is not showing- Easy 7 steps


Fix Breadcrumbs Option is not Showing in Google Search Console


Fix breadcrumbs option is not showing in Google search console

As you all know that breadcrumb 🍞 plays a very vital role in SEO. And it is mandatory for every website that they must have a proper breadcrumb for each and every post. It helps visitors to understand from which category the post is. And it makes better the understandability or readability of the visitors.

The process to fix breadcrumbs option is not showing in Google search console:


  1. Check your theme, if your theme supports breadcrumb or not.
  2. Install a suitable SEO friendly theme or template for the blogger that supports breadcrumb.
  3. Check if you have given proper categories to your posts, you must have defined a category for each and every post on your website.
  4. Now view your post to check if the breadcrumb is showing or not.
  5. If everything is ok still now, and you have submitted your sitemap in the Google search console.
  6. Next, submit 5 or 10 posts URL in URL inspection of Google search console or Google webmaster tool.
  7. Submit your sitemap on the Google search console, this is very much recommended.

Now wait for one or two days you will find that breadcrumb 🍞 is now available in your Google search console.

Do all the basic SEO, for your website. Like you should submit your website sitemap.xml file to the search console, and should your post for richsnippest. Then you can see that after a few days, your breadcrumbs are appearing in search results.

Fixed breadcrumbs option is not showing in Google search console

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